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"But Why?!"
"Justin! I'm not doing it!"
"I have to prove to you that I'm not ticklish!"
"But I know you are, though. Who cares?"
"I'm not!! I've grown out of being ticklish!"
"Okay! I believe you if you say so but I'm not going to tickle you."

That was the first time I ever heard Justin Bieber, the most ticklish guy ever, say he wasn't  ticklish, let alone that he wanted to be tickled. Almost everyone who ever known him knows that he has crazy ticklish feet. Should I tickle him just to torture him? Why not? I decided to say yes.


We went over and sat down on Justin's couch. I put his feet on my lap. They were in black socks and Nike high tops. I slowly peeled off his high tops and rubbed my hands against his socked feet. He was already grinning so by the looks of it he hadn't grown out of being ticklish. I knew this would be fun. I slipped my fingers down the feet to his heels and started to pull off his socks. He had a nervous grin and gulped unwillingly knowing that I now could do anything I want with his very ticklish feet. I was about to start tickling him when I paused and got up. An idea struck me.

"That's it!?" Justin asked. "That was nothing!"

I came back about 60 seconds later with a bottle. I didn't show Justin the bottle because I knew he would flip out if he saw it. I took some of the liquid from the bottle and rubbed it on his soles, arches, and toes.

"Baby oil!? Hell no!"
"You said you weren't ticklish so it doesn't matter whether I do or don't."

He thought for a minute, and he realized I was right. "Fine!"

I finished rubbing the oil over Justin's feet. I washed and dried my hands in the bathroom and noticed something on the sink ledge next to the toothpaste, a hairbrush. PERFECT! I was about to have a lot more fun than planned.

I got back to Justin on the couch, his feet still wet with oil, and rested his feet on my lap again. He was looking at me, but more at the brush with a nervous expression. I brushed the brush back and forth up and down his perfect little soles. He was squirming like crazy but said it just itched. So, I "itched" his feet some more and a lot longer than I thought I would.

He giggled...a lot! We both knew how ticklish he still was and that he had ALWAYS been this ticklish, but he didn't want to admit to still being ticklish. I kept ticklish with the brush, then I started with my fingers and fingernails.

I was honestly impressed because knowing Justin for so long that by now he would have pulled his feet away, or even tried to. He was on the verge of busting out laughing, peeing his pants, and kicking his feet away, but surprising he kept his feet on my lap while I tickled his feet with my pointy fingernails.

I looked at the clock, it had been a long, hard 45 minutes of non-stop tickling on Justin's feet. His face was red, his feet were squirming, his laughter was increasing until, all of a sudden, he couldn't hold it any longer. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA OKAY!! I'M STILL CRAZY TICKLISH ON MY FEET!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA STOP! IT'S HAHAHAHAHA TORTURE!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!"

"I KNEW IT!" I screamed. I didn't stop tickling his feet, but I just rubbed, kind of like a foot massage.

"How did you know?" He asked, giggling, even at the little foot rub.

"Justin, I've known you even before you were a huge popstar, I know how ticklish you've ALWAYS been."

"Okay. So, I have the most ticklish feet in the world. I admit it! I couldn't hold it any longer and honestly, I hated that long, almost-an-hour tickle session!"

"Well then next time, think twice before you think you'll beat me at a challenge." I said. I stop tickling, or at least rubbing his feet. His little mini crisis about being ticklish was over. He learned that day to never challenge me to anything that you know you might lose.

I realized two things that day; one, Justin Bieber, my friend since 1st grade has still yet to learn that I, and everyone else, know how ticklish he is (especially on his feet). And two, he is seriously one of the most ticklish guy's I've EVER met!

From that day on, Justin knew to think twice before doubting what I could do.
He is so beautiful

Check out [link] for a glimpse of his perfect, ticklish feet!
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