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You may think it was crazy for me to go to L.A. and break into Zac Efron's house just to meet him. I think it was genius. I was walking around his mansion. It was obvious he was home alone because the shower was running and I could hear his voice singing from it, but no one else was in the house. I was being careful not to leave any fingerprints on anything.

All of a sudden, the water stopped. I hid...FAST! Zac came out of the bathroom in a towel. It was time to make my move. He got dressed in a casual, around-the-house look (A T-Shirt and basketball shorts)and walked into his living room. I saw from my hiding spot that he kicked up his socked feet on his living room table and turned on the TV. I didn't know exactly how to approach him, but I couldn't hide in his closet forever. So, I gained the balls to do it and stepped out of his hallway closet.

I started for him calling his name, "Excuse me, Mr. Efron."
"What are you doing in my house!!!"
"What do you want!?"
"I just want to talk to you."
"Ughhhh, fine. Come sit down."

Being a polite house guest (or as polite as a guy who just broke into a house), I took off my sneakers and headed for the couch. He looked at me, waiting for me to start talking.

So, I did, "Mr. Efron..."
"Call me Zac."
"Okay, Zac, I was watching Saturday Night Live when you were on it and saw a really funny skit you were in."
"Okay, well, I was in a lot of skits."
"It was the one with the foot rub. Well, I was wondering if I could give you a foot rub."
"Umm...okay. What's in it for me?"
"I won't EVER tell anyone this happened and I'll let you give ME a foot rub."
"Okay. Sounds good."

I was totally surprised and stoked at the same time! Zac Efron was going to let me rub his feet. Then he was going to rub mine! We decided to rub each other's feet at the same time, to save time so he had some alone time later. I took his feet, and he took mine. We started to rub each other's feet at the exact same time. His cold hands rub my soles and toes as my warm hands rubbed his soles and heels. He was squirming, obviously because he was ticklish, so, an idea struck me like a lightning bolt.

"Hey, I have an idea! How about instead, we have a tickle fight!? Obviously, you're ticklish so why not have a little fun, instead?"
"Hmmmm...that actually sounds kind of fun. How about it?"
"Let's do it!"

Now, I was excited! Zac Efron was going to tickle my feet and I was going to tickle his! I reached my fingers down to his heel and took off his socks. Unfortunately, since he just took a shower, his feet didn't really smell, but still I was excited to hold his cute, ticklish, bare feet. He took off my socks and we got started.

"Okay, so, how about you tickle first. If I laugh, you get a point, if I don't I get a point, and I surrender, you get two points."
"What do you mean surrender? And how do we decide that you didn't laugh?"
"If I laugh, you automatically get a point, but you could keep tickling my feet until I surrender from being tickled if I don't laugh. If I laugh but don't surrender, you only get one point. Also, you can surrender from tickling me if I don't laugh at all or if I don't surrender. You get it now?"
"Kind of, but why the points?"
"To keep score of how ticklish we are. You want to tickle me first?"
"Sure. Let's go."

Zac, being as adorable as always, started tickling my foot. It tickled...a lot! But, I knew how to hold it in. He was tickling my defensless, ticklish left foot for about 1 minute until he called, "Okay, I surrender, you win the point. You didn't laugh."

He shouldn't have done that. Because now, it was my turn. I gripped his foot, tight. He had no room to move or budge. I started at his foot. I stroked up and down his right foot. He held in the laugh for about 10 seconds and then, "BAHAHAHAHAHA OKAY! I LAUGHED! I LAUGHED!" HAHA, I WIN AGAIN! It was now 2 to 0. Again, it was Zac's turn to tickle my foot.

He ws tickling and tickling, and this time he knew that if he didn't stop, I would eventually surrender. He was right. I had to endure 2 minutes of being tickled on the same foot, non-stop. It was torture! I couldn't take it any longer. "I SURRENDER!!! I SURRENDER!!! YOU GET 2 POINTS!!!" Dammit! Why would I do that!? The score was now even. I had an amazing idea now so that I could tickle Zac for as long as I like.

"Hey Zac, how about this is the final round. Winner takes it all. Here's how to play this round. We tickle each others' feet NON-STOP! You can laugh, you can scream, you can cry, but you CANNOT surrender! If you do, you lose and have to be tickled on your feet for another 30 minutes. You like it?"
"Oh you're so on. Let's do this!"

We grabbed each others' feet. I looked at him. "Ready? In 3-2-1...GO!" We both started tickling vigorously. We both bursted out in laughter. Zac had this adorable laugh to him, as he was a little toddler being tickled. He had this cute little face as well. I've never seen him more adorable. Who knew Zac Efron would look the hottest ever in his career while being tickled? Oh yeah, I did. I kept tickling his feet with no mercy! I laughing and screamed, "HAHAHAHAHA STOPP!!!"

"Come on, say it Zac!"

I tickled him like I never tickled ANYONE ever before! I saw the look on him. He was going to give, he was going to give. Then, all of a sudden, "OKAY!!! I SURRENDER HAHAAHAHAHA!! I, ZAC EFRON, SURRENDER!! HAHAHAHAHAHA!!"

"YES!! I WIN! Now I get to tickle your feet for 30 minutes! You ready?"

Without giving him time to respond, I started tickling. Even surprising myself, I stopped. I looked at Zac. I really concentrated on him. I look at him and asked, "Instead of tickling, can I just play with your feet? I mean, you would like it more than being tickled and so would I!"

"Yeah! I like that."

My dream has come true! I get to worship Zac Efron's feet for 30 minutes. I licked his perfect soles and stuck my tongue between each and every one of his cute, ticklish toes. Even at that, he giggled and squirmed. I worshipped and played...and worshipped again. Pretty soon, my 30 minutes was up. I'm pretty sure neither of us wanted the time to end, but everything good has to end. When we were done, I was on my way back home only with memories that I swore to keep only to myself.
Zac Efron is soo hot and needs his feet to be tickled and worshipped!
Lefantomdelopera Featured By Owner Jun 15, 2014
I hate to disappoint you but Zac Efron doesn't have ticklish feet. He said so himself on Youtube
DemiLovato13 Featured By Owner Jul 10, 2013
love this!! can you do some more! :)
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