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I thought I was dreaming the day Harry Styles called me. We hadn't seen each other in years and now, one of the world's biggest celebrities wanted to hang out with me!? You see, Harry heard that I've been studying to be a masseuse, which I haven't, and wanted to see if I'd give him and the other guys' foot rubs. Now, don't get me wrong, I'd love to give them foot rubs, but I had better ideas.I said yes to Harry faster than a heartbeat and caught the next plain out to California in the United States.

As I stepped off the plane at LAX, Harry was there to greet me. "Hey! Oh my gosh! I haven't seen you in forever!"

"Oh my gosh, Harry! How are you!?"
"I've been doing amazing! Living the dream!"
"Obviously, hahahaha. So, what made you think to call me out of all the people you've ever met?"
"Well, I was looking through our old yearbook and our pictures were next to each other and I realized how much I miss talking to you."
"Aw, thanks Harry."
"Welcome. Oh, and thank you so much to volunteering to give us all foot rubs."
"Oh, anytime Harry. Anything for a friend!"

I was excited for the foot rub session because not only was I going to rub their feet, but a little tickle would be in order. The guys are too cute and I just can't resist being around their feet without playing with them. And besides, from what I remember, Harry has ALWAYS been ticklish on his feet.

I spent a week with the boys just chillin' and having a blast. America was so cool. We had such a fun time that we all almost forgot about the foot rub. Well...most of us.

On the last night, I still hadn't giving the guys their foot rub so I playfully reminded them without sounded like I knew all along. "Hey Harry, wasn't I supposed to give you something?"

"Oh yeah, the foot rub! Thanks for reminding me! Guys, he is going to give us a foot rub."

They all sat on a long couch and took off their shoes, but left their socks on. I was no trained masseuse, so I just had to pretend like I knew what I was doing. "Guys, I will give you all 2 foot rubs. One with socks and one without." They all agreed and we got started.

I started at the left end of the couch and worked my way right. Louis was first. He was already barefoot. His feet were by far the smelliest, and I already knew why. Louis never wears socks so his bare feet are always in his shoes. I worked my way up and down his feet. He was laughing a little because he wasn't wearing socks, so it tickled more than the other guys for right now. Nothing too drastic, but it was obvious he was ticklish.

Next was Zayn. Zayn was obviously ticklish because he was flinching even before I touched his feet. At first, he laughed really loud, then squirmed, but then got used to it. Most of what came out of his mouth were giggles. If he was this ticklish now, I couldn't wait for what was going to happen when his socks were off.

In the middle of the couch was cute, little Niall. Niall, who was quiet and innocent-looking, was sitting in silence, waiting for a good foot rub. There was small talk between the guys and I. Niall knew how to hold in his laughs well, but that didn't mean I couldn't tell how ticklish his feet were. His black-socked feet were almost as they were saying "Tickle us! Tickle us!"

I finished "massaging" Niall's feet and moved on to the next pair of hot, British, teen sensation, male feet to tickl...massage. Liam was next. Liam, a good looking guy, was telling me to be gentle with his feet because most things that touch his feet make him cry from laughter. I listened to him and what he asked me...for now. Now, I didn't believe him when he said he would cry, but I should have. Niall and Harry had to hold either of his arms down and Zayn and Louis held his legs for me while I massaged. Everyone knew he was ticklish already, so I gave him a quick, hidden tickle which made him laugh even harder. At this point, he was crying from laughing to hard. It was too funny and too hard to ignore so Louis, Harry, Niall, and Zayn and stopped what we were doing and just started tickling him all over! The British cutie was crying in agony for us to stop, but we didn't. Liam eventually started screaming, so we decided to stop then. Right then and there was when I realized that I couldn't wait to tickle the guys bare feet later.

Finally, my friend forever's turn was up. Harry was not only ticklish on his feet, but screams and cries like Liam, only worse when he's tickled. Everyone else knew how ticklish he was so they each grabbed a limb and held on as I massaged. He squirmed, and begged, and laughed/cried while I was massaging. I LOVED IT! Harry's feet are so cute and tiny, and he is a blast to be around. So to see him tickled like that is never considered a bad thing. Harry was on the verge of passing out from laughing too much from just that little massage so I stopped.

After Harry's massage was done, an idea struck me. What if I told all the boys that we were going to tickle each and everyone of them and the other four hand to hold them down while I tickled. They all loved the idea but all wanted to tickle each other. So, we made a compromise; everyone held the guy down with one hand and tickled with the other, and they also wanted to tickle me too. I wanted to say no, but then I realized, One Direction wanted to tickle me! I didn't turn that request down.

We all went over to Louis and surrounded him. All of a sudden, Zayn screamed, "NOW!" and we all started tickling vigorously. He was screaming and crying but we had no mercy. I tickled his feet, then his sides, then his armpits, and I loved it! He was shaking from how much he was laughing. We all NEVER would have guessed how ticklish he was. We decided it would be best if we just moved on to Zayn.

We all got up at once and walked over to Zayn. I went down and peeled his socks off. Harry was holding one foot in his hands. We all didn't know to start or not and all of a sudden, Zayn started screaming like a girl. We looked over to find Harry licking Zayn's foot from top to bottom. It was on! We tickled lightly, then softly, then vigorously, and then teasingly. Zayn was trying to hold it in the entire time but couldn't AT ALL! He was crying about 45 seconds into the tickling. We tickled him for a good 4 minutes and then stopped all at once.

Once Niall realized it was his turn to be tickled. He gulped and then went back to his moderate poker face. He was obviously trying to hide being ticklish, but that was all going to change any second. Liam and I each grabbed a foot and slowly and teasingly started to tickle his foot. A giggle and a squirm came from Niall, and then dead silence. "ATTACK!!" Zayn screamed. We all started tickling like never before and Niall lost it. He went from poker face to beet-red face. Niall was become as red as a person who had came back from the beach with a nasty sunburn. He squirmed and cried and kicked, but we didn't let him get away. His tickling lasted 10 minutes, just to torture him a little.

Next, the moment of truth came out. Liam was next and was sure as hell scared to be tickled. It was obvious that he didn't like being tickled...but we didn't care. I went for his belly. We all started tickling. I rubbed my fingers up and down his adorable, ticklish belly. He laughed and squirmed and cried and begged to be let go and wished it was just over. I've NEVER heard someone laugh so loud in my life! Liam was tearing up and his cheeks were as red as a cherry. We tickled him for about 7 minutes and then let him go. I thought for a second about that he may be the most ticklish man in the world. And then I remembered...Harry Styles.

Harry Styles, the most ticklish out of all six of us. I called dibs on a foot because that's were he is the most ticklish. I tickled Harry's foot like it was my job! I laughed at how much Harry was laughing. He was mumbling in between breaths about how he was going to get back at me. I wasn't worrying about my tickle yet because I was having too much fun tickling Harry. He kept laughing and we kept tickling. We tickled Harry for 15 perfect minutes! I've never seen him whimper from anything before, and for being tickled is a great way to start!

Next, it was my turn. The guys tried to tickle me, but I was not really all that ticklish. The guys and I all thought I would be a lot more ticklish. Because of this, my tickling session didn't last long.

When we were done we got to bed. I was leaving in the morning so we all had to get up early. Harry promised me that we would still keep touch. I exchanged numbers with the rest of the guys. That next morning, we went to LAX and I went back to England. I was going to miss the guys but we all knew we were going to keep in touch.

A few months later, Liam Payne sent me a text:
Hey, I don't know if you are interested, but there is a house for sale in my neighborhood out in Hollywood. We all think it would be amazing if you came the California and lived near us again. We all miss you so we should meet up soon. Let me know what you think about the house. Keep in touch, Liam.

Within 2 weeks, I moved out to California and lived down the street from the guys. Because of this, we became much closer and started talking a lot more. We always hung out and never got bored of each other. And rarely, when we would hang out, I'd still even tickle their feet. So, life turned out good for me, and I got lucky because even stardom didn't change the true friend that Harry Styles was to me and even when he was making millions and I was still auditioning to make it big, he still treated me like I was the best thing that Hollywood has ever seen. Now looking back on it, it's funny to think our friendship regaining came from Harry thinking I was a masseuse.
I know it's long, but I love these five guys <3
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